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Here is how you can make the perfect steak in just eight easy steps:

1. Select your favourite steak cut. We have steaks in our lamb, beef, and venison ranges.

2. Bring your steak to room temperature by allowing it to bloom.

3. Oil the meat, not the pan.

4. Season your steak with salt and pepper just before cooking.

5. Preheat your pan or grill to medium-high and try to turn only once.

6. Judge the 'doneness' by the colour - the redder the jucies, the rarer the meat.

7. Cut your cooking short. As your meat rests it will continue to cook so you want to remove it from the heat before it's reached its desired level of doneness and allow the steak to rest for half the cooking time.

8. Slice your steak across the grain. This helps to maximise tenderness.